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Who/what is Jungle PNW?

I am Kristiana. My boyfriend Dallas & I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2014. Despite working for one of the best companies ever, the work itself left me unfulfilled. Post-start-up induced existential crisis, I decided that plants made me happy. I began dedicating my time and life to learning more about them. Because of my location deep in the Pacific Northwest, I chose to grow tropical plants indoors. At first, I attempted to acquire every plant that came my way. I learned about each one along the way and eventually traded them out for other plants. From there I turned my personal Instagram account (@JunglePNW) into a #plantstagram so that I could share my love of plants with the world and meet other plant lovers, like you!

We travelled to Miami, Florida for the first time in Feb. 2018 to attend the International Aroid Society Show & Sale. Dallas and I both grew up in Southern Oregon & have always had a deep affinity for nature. When we saw how easily plants could grow in a more tropical area, we (especially Dallas - I had already become obsessed) fell hard for the vast world of tropical plants. After that trip, it was plants all the time - for both of us. Everything and anything for plants.

I dabbled working at nurseries for 2 years, and one of them was pretty popular. I learned a lot and met a lot of wonderful people in the plant community, but it wasn't making me happy. I have always wanted to work for myself, and unfulfillment while working in one of the most popular plant stores was a clue that I may need to dig a little deeper. Plants are my life, and I see nothing that will stop me from pursuing the plantiest life possible. 


Like anything, growing plants is a skill that you learn over time. Not only do you have to learn one literal language with plants, you must learn many (metaphorically speaking). In my present collection, you'll find that I've given up furniture for plant shelves, counter space for watering cans/fertilizers and cute string lights for heavy-duty shop lights. It seems that growing tropical plants has become a lifestyle, and I'm all in. I can't imagine my life without them, and the journey shared with so many like-minded souls is truly an enrichment to life.