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14" Moss Pole


Each individiual moss pole is hand made, high quality and unique, made to order. Our smaller moss poles are crafted with care using a Bamboo core, dried moss from a temperate zone and clear wire wrap. I have found that using a smaller base (Bamboo sticks) allows for easier installation into smaller pots - the perfect starter moss pole for your juvenille vines!

  • Tips & Tricks

    Moss Pole Installation: Repotting is the best way to install a moss pole. However, it's not always time to repot. If you don't think it's time to repot, never fear! I have used chopsticks/bamboo to create a small entry point in the potting mix, watching and feeling carefully for delicate plant roots and pushing them aside. Once there is a hole, you can insert the base of the moss pole into the potting mix. 


    Securing the moss pole: To secure the moss pole, I generally use small pieces of Orchid bark to stabilize the pole in it's pot, by pushing them into the potting mix around the base of the stake to secure it in the potting mix. When repotting, be sure you press down hard on the soil behind the moss pole (avoid area of plant roots) to create a somewhat pressurized zone to support the pole. You can use other items as well - a small piece of bamboo, a slender rock or whatever you have available. You'll want to pour additional potting mix in to cover any excess gaps in the mix from installing the moss pole. If you are using an Aroid mix, gently press individual bark chips around the back sides of the moss pole and press down until the pole itself feels secure. There are many other methods - this is just the method I prefer.


    Moss Pole Upkeep: Moss poles require little maintenance. Once they've been installed, you will want to tie the vine to the pole. I prefer velcro garden tape as it is reusable and convenient. I mist my moss poles every day near the root nodes, allowing the water to run down the pole. This allows the moss to absorb moisture, and the ambient humidity near the root nodes encourages the aerial roots to reach out and attach themselves to the pole for support. Be sure you do not keep your moss pole overly saturated, and do not stress if it dries out. Once the plant has attached, it is likely to continue it's upward trajectory with more mature foliage. 

  • Shipping

    Poles are made to order. They usually ship within 3 days, and tracking will be sent via email once it is on it's way to you! If there are any delays in your order, you will be contacted as soon as possible. 

    Priorty 2-3 day USPS - shipping cost varies vased on size, weight, and distance.