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24" Moss Pole


Each individiual moss pole is unique, high quality and hand made. These moss poles are crafted with care using a Redwood core, dried moss from a temperate zone and clear wire wrap. Redwood is one of our preferred materials due to it's natural anti-fungal and rot resistant qualities. The wrap is very tight to encourage moisture retention, and discourage shedding. A moist moss pole will allow slow evaporation, encouraging aerial roots to reach out from your climbing vines and attach to the pole. This is one of the key factors in attaining larger and healthier leaves on your vines as they mature.


+ Poles may shed slightly, but are bound tightly and agitated during construction as well as prior to shipping to avoid shedding once in your home. 

+ Because moss is natural, it's thickness varies. This means that not every moss pole is going to be as thick as the next, but it will be plush and as consistent as possible. Each moss pole can be made with different species of moss, allowing different textures for each moss pole.

+ I use velcro tape to support vines when starting out, but you can use tomato tape, twine, or whatever you'd prefer as long as it has some stretch to it. This avoids any damage to the vine from being strapped to the pole.

+Last three photos are displayed as examples of the size and capability of moss poles! 

  • Tips & Tricks

    Moss Pole Installation: To install this product, a repot is the best way to complete the process. However, sometimes it's not always time to repot a plant. If you don't think it's time to repot, never fear! I have used chopsticks and bamboo sticks to gently create a small entry point in the potting mix, watching and feeling carefully for delicate plant roots and pushing them aside. Once there is a hole, you can insert the base of the moss pole into the potting mix. 


    Securing the moss pole: To secure the moss pole, I generally use pieces of bark pushed down the sides of the pole to eradicate any space between the mix & the pole, but you can use anything slender and small - an additional small piece of bamboo could also placed behind the pole, into the mix. You'll want to pour additional potting mix as well in to cover any excess gaps in the mix from installing the moss pole. If you are using an Aroid mix, place the bark chips laterally around the moss pole and press them into the mix, along the pole until secure. There are many other methods - this is just one easy option).


    Moss Pole Upkeep: Moss poles require just a little maintenance. Once they've been installed, you will want to tie the vine near the root node to the pole. I mist my moss poles every other day or so, usually just near the nodes, and allow the water to run down the pole. This allows the moss to absorb moisture, and the ambient humidity near the root nodes encourages the aerial roots to reach out and attach themselves to the pole for support. Be sure you do not keep your moss pole overly saturated, it's ok if it dries out for a while. Once the plant has attached, it is likely to continue it's upward trajectory with more mature foliage. 

  • Note:

    If there are any issues with your order upon arrival, please reach out within 24 hours. Thank you!


    Orders are typically mailed Monday-Wednesday with 2 day priority. Depending on distance, shipping costs may vary.