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Aloe gariepensis


This is a large growing stemmed and sturdy Aloe species. It is only native in South Africa, growing along the sides of the Orange (previously Gariep) river. This plant can handle some abuse, and will turn all red when grown in full sun, as it would be in it's natural habitat. Could be planted outside with temperatures regularly above 25 F, or kept indoors. Water this plant very little - only when completely dry, and less in the winter. Provide full sun or artificial lights if kept indoors. Can bloom during winter-spring.


Planted in a 4" pot, shipped in plastic nursery pot.

  • Note:

    Live plants should be treated with care. If there are any issues with the plant upon arrival, please contact me within 24 hours. Thank you!


    Orders containing live plants may be mailed Monday-Wednesday to prevent any additional time sitting at the post office!