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Begonia 'Medora'


This stunner is a shrubby cane Begonia, growing long strands that tend to eventually bend under their own weight. It was one of the very first houseplants I ever had, and it even moved to my current home with me 5 years ago! It is a super easy and beautiful plant to own. The flowers are a dark magenta pink. 


Most Begonia are shade plants in their natural habit. This one prefers dappled light or medium shade. By no means is this a low light plant, but it wouldn't do well in direct sun. Artificial light should be full spectrum for healthiest indoor growth. These plants appreciate a good balanced fertilizer in the spring and summer, but should be relatively dry before watering. Will drop leaves with extreme temperature changes.


4" pot, shipped in plastic nursery pot.

  • Note:

    Live plants should be treated with care. If there are any issues with the plant upon arrival, please contact me within 24 hours. Thank you!


    Orders containing live plants may be mailed Monday-Wednesday to prevent any additional time sitting at the post office!