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Microsorium musifolium ‘Crocydyllus’


This is one of my favorite ferns right now. I've had one for months and it's grown slowly, but easily. These Microsorum prefer dappled light to prevent their beautiful and delicate leaves from burning in the hot sun. Like most ferns, these will do best with additional humidity, but will need to dry out a bit before watering. 


The aptly coined common name is 'Crocodile Fern,' and I'm sure you can see why! The foliage is extensively veined, and is truly stunning with the morning light gracing it's leaves. I have them living in an eastern exposure.


4" pot, shipped in plastic nursery pot.

  • Note:

    Live plants should be treated with care. If there are any issues with the plant upon arrival, please contact me within 24 hours. Thank you!


    Orders containing live plants may be mailed Monday-Wednesday to prevent any additional time sitting at the post office!