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Monstera deliciosa sproutlings


A true classic, and still small enough to fit on your shelf!


Monstera deliciosa is a climbing vine native to South America and Mexico. It grow to astonishing size over time, and with extremely bright light, will display many holes in the leaves. This plant is a staple of the plant community, and one of the most popular leaf shapes used in every day objects and clothing. 


These Monstera are seedlings, and there are multiple per pot. They will do very well in a bright spot, morning sun or late evening sun, and moderate water. Allowing this plant to dry out completely or almost completely between watering will be your ticket to suggess. These are planted in regular potting mix for sprouting, but should be potted into a well draining mix when it is time to repot.


4" pot, shipped in plastic nursery pot.

  • Note:

    Live plants should be treated with care. If there are any issues with the plant upon arrival, please contact me within 24 hours. Thank you!


    Orders containing live plants may be mailed Monday-Wednesday to prevent any additional time sitting at the post office!